IAC Building

IAC Building is a striking white multi-level building located at 550 West 18th Street in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, New York. It is the headquarters of InterActiveCorp, an American Internet company. Its unique design makes it one of the more distinguishable buildings in the area.

IAC Building History

The IAC Building was initially planned sometime in the early 2000’s in order to bring together several of the company’s New York offices under one roof. Before the initial plan for the IAC Building, there were seven IAC offices scattered in different locations in New York City, with around 400 employees working in between these offices. The company planned to have a building that not only brings all of its 400 employees into a central location but also to have a structure that reflects the inventiveness and dynamism of its many businesses and brands.

The initial plan for the building took several months to form with the help of several design consultants. The company decided on a unique bee-hive structure designed by noted Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. The building started construction in June of 2004. It was completed and opened in March, 2007.

IAC Building Features

Frank Gehry was the principal designer of the IAC Building. You can note the design influences by the noted architect. The building consists of two major levels- a large base designed like the cells of a bee-hive with twisted tower sections packed closely together. The second level is located on top of the first section, designed with a lesser diameter than the base. The cell units take on the appearance of sails surrounding the skeleton of the building. It gives the structure an appearance of a building consisting of two tall stories. The actual structure comes with a total of 10 floors.

The IAC Building stands 160 feet. It has a total of 10 floors, with 8 of them used as office spaces. It can accommodate up to 500 people with a total usable area of 130,000 sq. feet. The building is known to be the first building in the world to make use of a cold-warped glass curtain wall. All the panels were bent onsite. In the ground floor lobby, visitors can view the IAC Video Wall, one of the largest high-resolution video walls in the world. It stretches up to 120 feet or 37 meters long and stands 11 feet or 3.4 meters high.
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