The CMA CGM Tower is a 147 meter tall skyscraper located in the central business district in Marseille, France. It is the headquarters for the French shipping firm CMA CGM. It was designed to interact with the other landmarks located in the city, including the Chateau d’If and the Basilica and the Notre Dame de la Garde. The building is considered to be the highest tower in Marseille and the second tallest building in the province.

CMA CGM Tower History

The CMA CGM Tower is part of the program to redevelop or restructure several neighborhoods in the port of Marseille, in an area known as the Euromediterranee. It is the first major work completed for the whole redevelopment project. The construction of the skyscraper was first motivated by Jacques Saade the CEO of CMA CGM, primarily because of the cramped conditions of the company’s old headquarters which was located just adjacent to the tower’s location.

The CMA CGM Tower was first constructed in 2006. It was completed in 2010. The primary architect of the project is Zaha Hadid. The builder was Vinci subsidiary GTM Construction. The cost of building the tower is estimated to be close to 300 million Euros.

CMA CGM Tower Features

The CMA CGM Tower is 147 meters, comprising of 33 floors in total. The skyscraper is designed to be an office building that brought together over 2,200 employees that was previously located in over seven sites. The building is serviced by 20 elevators, including 10 that operate at high speed (7m/s).

With regards to the height of the skyscraper, it was the request of the city mayor that the building height does not exceed that of the basilica Notre Dame de la Garde, which has long dominated the city at 154 meters. If it were not for this request, the skyscraper would have been much taller, given the needs of the company.
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