The Clyde Auditorium

The Clyde Auditorium is a unique concert venue located in Glasgow, Scotland. It is also famously known for its monicker “The Armadillo” by virtue of its design that closely resembles the animal. The building is situated at the site of the Queen’s Dock on the River Clyde and adjacent to the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. It is considered as one of the principal concert venues in Scotland.

Clyde Auditorium History

The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre had plans of increasing the capacity of people that come to the SECC complex. Plans were made to construct the Clyde Auditorium to specifically be used as a concert venue. The services of noted architect Sir Norman Foster and his architectural firm, Foster and Partners, was commissioned to design the building. Construction started sometime in 1995 and was completed in 1997.

Clyde Auditorium Features

The Clyde Auditorium was designed with the needs of conference delegates and speakers in mind. It was built and designed to provide Glasgow with an iconic landmark as well. The designers of the building came up with a unique structure that also bore a close resemblance to the iconic Sydney Opera House. But the designers of the building have insisted that this was not their inspiration for the design. The design for the Armadillo was actually fashioned after an upside down ship’s hull designed in interlocking levels, in reference to the area’s shipbuilding heritage.

The Armadillo features a total of three levels that feature numerous performance areas, rooms and offices. It provides seating for 3,000 and has been known as a premier venue for concerts and other indoor performances in the city of Glasgow. The Clyde Auditorium has become notable as one of the most iconic buildings in the city, attracting many tourists and visitors each year.
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