Salt Lake Temple

Salt Lake Temple is an imposing temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is the largest and the most well-known of the temples built by the church. It was the sixth temple completed of the over 130 temples and took around 40 years to complete.

Salt Lake Temple History

The location of the temple was first marked in July 28, 1847 by church prophet Brigham Young. The temple site was dedicated on February 14, 1853. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held during the same year with the cornerstone laid on April 6. The building construction took 40 years with the temple finally dedicated on April 6, 1893.

Salt Lake Temple Features

The Salt Lake Temple is the centerpiece in a 10-acre Temple Square in Salt Lake City. It was designed by architect Truman O Angell. The temple design features both Gothic and Romanesque architectural elements. The design of the temple also incorporated many symbolic elements. There is the golden Angel Moroni placed on the capstone of the temple who is said to be the angel that will welcome the Second Coming of Christ.

The six spires of the temple represent the power of the priesthood. Three spires on the east side represent the First Presidency of the Church. There are twelve smaller spires on the three that represent the Twelve Apostles. The temple also has some elements that were inspired by Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. The temple itself is oriented towards Jerusalem. Little is known of the temple’s interior as it is considered by the church and its members as sacred. A temple recommend is needed to enter and there are no public tours allowed. But the temple grounds are open to the public and considered as a popular tourist attraction in the city.
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